funny-men-with-puzzel-piecesTeam collaboration depends on the values that drive its culture. In a success-driven age, studies have demonstrated that a company that builds its teams on a strong set of ethical values is the one that will succeed.

1. Trust

If employee morale is interfering with getting the work done, it’s probably because of trust issues which are typical barriers to successful corporate team building.

2. Interdependence

Communicate a “we win” attitude in your corporate team building. Frequently remind team members how their work makes a difference to the overall mission and strategies of your company and include this reminder in your corporate team building events — especially in new employee orientation.

3. Genuineness

Respect the opinions of team members even when you don’t agree. Give employees an opportunity to share their thoughts openly, even their complaints and what they believe are good solutions.

4. Empathy

Corporate team building recognizes acts of compassion and friendship as well mistakes and transgressions among employees. Corporate team building breaks down when resentment builds.

5. Risk

Encourage team members to ask “why not?” when they are planning. This approach can be effective in creative problem-solving. Careful problem-solving, trial & error, and learning from past mistakes refines processes and procedures.

6. Success

Committed and engaged employees possess team confidence. This is important to success.  Corporate team building strategies that improve employee commitment and accountability builds success.