Remote Team Leadership

Shift from the traditional manager-as-supervisor to manager-as-project-leader


Anyone who has to manage a remote team and must shift from the traditional manager-as-supervisor to manager-as-project-leader. This is a shift from time-based management to results and outcome-based management. This requires different levels of communication, levels which are more in line with a project plan. Also, the supervisor needs to move to using more planning tools to track that the employee is working on something that needs to get done.

When moving to a manager-as-project-leader model, you need to incorporate the human piece into your plan design. You will learn to incorporate the dynamics of the team including mitigating the already formed unproductive habits and behaviors that exist in the organization.

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Engage Your Team

Remote teams can more easily have a breakdown in communication. You will learn to influence the workforce behavior pattern and the language to engage others and measure if your team members are on track.

 This activity is appropriate for managers of remote teams.

 Your team will:

 Create the framework for team breakthrough

  • Identify when they are exhibiting the behaviors that build strong teams versus behaviors that cause problems.
  • Create team understanding for behavior categories and terms
  • Identify your next steps.
  • Quickly generate creativity and focus
  • Catalyze integrated thinking
  • Build useful consensus
  • Instill collective responsibility
  • Adopt a high level of accountability and commitment


Becoming TIGERS Leadership book.


  1. TIGERS Team Wheel Game
  2. Certified Consultant or Manager As Facilitator