Rapid Team Integration

Learn new ways of collaborating, building consensus, setting group norms and on-boarding new team members

 Move Rapidly through Storming

This training is perfect for project teams, ad-hoc teams and teams that want to move rapidly through the storming phase of team development. It is also effective for teams that have gotten stuck or are in conflict. Teams that have gone through disruption and lost effectiveness also benefit.

Suddenly Remote or working in a Hybrid Organization? Teams that have been disrupted by the pandemic can benefit from this workshop to adopt new ways of collaborating in a work culture with both in person and remote employees. 

In this training you learn to improve group dynamics by building group behavior-driven solutions such as

Identify and correct the behavior that is leading to lost productivity in your organization.

  1. Build Consensus the correct way.
  2. Facilitate group behavior norm agreements. Using an interactive proven process, you will facilitate groups to identify norms of behavior resulting in high performance team behavior and outcomes. This process results in group norm agreements that are reality-based and supported by the team with emotional commitment and accountability.
  3. Reduce team conflict. This process is particularly useful when team behavior is poor or when you are building new teams. And, this is the first step in creating cross-functional problem-solving teams to minimize misunderstandings and conflict from the start.
  4. On-board new employees onto existing teams.

You are going to rapidly identify and correct dysfunctional behaviors and set new high-performing team behaviors unique to your team to move you to success quickly.

This training is appropriate for teams of 2-20. This can be delivered in person or online.


  • a certified facilitator
  • TIGERS Team Wheel Game


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