Partnership Coaching

Typically, partner coaching is for two people who experience communication breakdown, conflict problems, decision-making problems and boundary management issues.  It is also for new partners desiring to avoid process issues like these altogether.

Relational process issues adversely effect the business relationship creating ultimate break down on one hand or blocks to implementing clear goals and maintaining creativity and motivation on the other.

This 20 hour program is designed for entrepreneurs, leaders in closely held organizations, business partners and executive team leaders. But it is also appropriate for life partners committed to preserving their relationship by understanding motivations and communication patterns more clearly.

This program provides reliable assessments and both individual and partner coaching. The program identifies avoidable problems that could result in procedure, goal and relationship conflict resulting in relationship breakdown, considerable stress, missed goals, lost time, money and frustrated effort.

The Coaching Plan involves all of the following:

  • Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Personality Assessments to build individual self-awareness and to identify core motivations
  • 3 hours each of individual telephone coaching to build self awareness in areas of communication, conflict resolution and personality motivation.
  • 5 hours of conference call partner coaching to identify solutions and procedures for problem solving, decision making, conflict management, and communication & boundary management.
  • 4 hours of conference call partner coaching to address partner’s agenda issues, goals and objectives.

As your Coach, I offer a free 30 minute initial coaching consultation and E-mail and limited phone support between sessions.

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