Engagement Infographic

TIGERS provides a series of powerful solutions to enable you to take the guesswork out of leadership.

Engagement Infographic

Effects of Poor Engagement

  • Only 17% of the worldwide workforce is engaged over the last 20 years.
  • Low productivity costs $550,000,000,000 per year

Effects of Strong Engagement

  • Outperforming organizations are 21% more profitable and show 4 times the revenue growth.
  • Exceptional organizations have over 70% of their workers ready to outperform their competition.

Engagement Journey Graphic

The TIGERS Journey

Tigers offers a variety of options for teams to grow engagement. Since leadership directly impacts engagement, we have a whole suite of soltuions to help grow leaders. And group dynamics effects leadership success, so we have a complementray array of solutions to grow employees at the same time.

We offer numerous delivery vehicles but at the core of each is strengthening the root cuases of disengagement. From book and book discussion clubs, to micro-training, assessments, engagement surveys and pulse surveys, we provide an employee engagement platform for you.