Affiliate Program Quick Tutorial

By joining our affiliate program you will be able to receive a portion of income for delivering sales to our products and website, so you get paid every time someone buys one of our products from your website or a link that you place in an email or other location. Below you will find a quick start tutorial to get you going but remember if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you

Dianne Crampton



Quick Start Tutorial

Here are the screens you’ll see as you sign up and promote products.

You can click on any of the images to get a larger view

Step 1:

 Sign up for Program

Step 2:

 Check your email Box for Login/PW details

Step 3:

 Log in

Step 4:

 Go to the Affiliate Home Page

Step 5:

You’re on the Links & Tools tab here select (highlight) The Product Link

Step 6:

PASTE THE LINK in browser, hit enter
to see what people will see when they click on your affiliate link

Step 7: (optional)


 Make your link a TINY LINK
 (so people don’t have to see a long URL)

Second paste The Product Link into Blank Field

Third… click “Make Tiny URL” and then copy/paste your “new tiny link” in emails/sites

Step 8:

Promote your unique product link
through your emails and on your websites.

Start promoting!!!