TIGERS® Licensing and Certification

HRD Executives, Managers, Trainers, Coaches, and Project Managers

  • You have acquired cost effective tools through licensing in the past and every time you offer the program you have to pay $150-$300 per participant for your new resources and want to avoid expenses like these in the future.
  • You are an internal HR Specialist empowered to implement team development, leadership and change management strategies to measurably improve how your employees cooperate and your departments collaborate.
  • You are a project manager with frequent new team development assignments and want to streamline team performance and operations right out of the gate to avoid new team conflict and misunderstandings. You also want your projects to finish under budget and ahead of schedule.
  • You are a seasoned independent team building trainer, business coach or leadership survey consultant with offerings that are stuck at the staff level when you know REAL change happens at the executive level and lack the resources to get you there.
  • You are a seasoned manager transitioning into a consulting career to improve high performance team-based work cultures and desire award-winning, research-based and validated resources to launch your career.

If you are searching for:

  • Validated and reliable diagnostics that get to the core issues facing teams so you know exactly where to focus team development efforts;
  • A successful, research-based  team development system that enhances great team work and also improves employee engagement that is measurable;
  • A reliable system for assessing the work culture so you deploy on target change solutions that employees will champion;
  • A royalty-fee, fully developed system with no ongoing participant resource fees; and
  • A supportive, collaborative community of like-minded professionals to bounce ideas off of or gain support from that also offers ongoing education.

Call us today to get all your questions answered about licensing and certification at 1-877-539-2822 US and 1-541-385-7465 International.

Licensing and Certification Is A 3 Step Process

Step one: what you getall the game parts

Receive on-line training and the TIGERS Team Wheel resources to facilitate teams of 2 to 24 people.

The TIGERS Team Wheel Exercise compliments your existing team development and problem-solving tool box. It enhances your leadership coaching and leadership assessment resources. This means that there is no need to discontinue what you already successfully use.

TIGERS Team Wheel Licensing includes the following features:

  • A highly interactive, hands-on team building exercise built to engage 6 of the 7 learning styles. This means that your team members with diverse learning styles will learn and understand the behaviors that build and detract from team performance.  This catalyzes employee engagement for  needed team improvement and change.
  • An exercise debrief system that produces an employee generated team behavior improvement agreement that is easy to implement and manage because employees are accountable to outcomes they endorse. This impacts improved respect,  team relationships, role clarity and goal achievement.
  • E-book participant guides you can brand and print on demand along with power point templates so you do not have to incur additional and expensive resource costs  each and every time to run the program.
  • A pack and go messenger bag to keep all your resources together so you can support team development at a moment’s notice.
  • Two volumes of TIGERS Among Us – Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive, DVD and CD training support to facilitate your training retention.
  • Facilitator’s manual built to the highest training standards to ensure that your team facilitation is masterful.
  • An annual educational community of like-minded licensees for collaboration and scalable business development at a modest annual fee. This ensures that your license remains on the cutting edge of team culture and team development.

Training is scheduled with you on-line in groups of no more than 3 people for maximum dialogue learning.

  • The first step in the licensing process is to schedule a conference call to determine if TIGERS is a good fit for you.  TIGERS Licensees embrace high ethical standards with business values that align with trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success.
  • Your investment of $997.00 is required upon application. If your application is rejected your investment is returned in full.
  • Annual license fee:  $300 a year (covers your post license ongoing education and support).

Upon acceptance, you receive access to all your resources as these are mailed to you.  Then your on-line training is scheduled. You practice using the resources within the training design. After your on-line training is completed, you receive your course exam. Upon completion and passage of your exam your license is released.

After your license is released, you receive your unique pass code to the TIGERS Learning Center for your ongoing education and support. The Learning Center provides ongoing training, a forum, additional training resources, monthly interviews with industry thought leaders and group discussion topics geared toward improving your skills. These are self-paced resources that you can access 24-7.

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Step Two:  Only for people who have completed Step One

Live 2-Day Practicum that takes your TIGERS Team Wheel Facilitation all the way to the C-suite.

At this live practicum you will learn how to use your resources for action planning and strategic planning. Whether you are building cross-functional teams or  work with decision-makers, you will learn methods and strategies to build commitment and accountability for decisions and planning outcomes.

In this 2-day practicum you will learn:

  • 4 problem solving facilitation methods strategically designed for maximum team engagement and buy-in.
  • You will learn how to build consensus correctly so your more dominating team members can’t take decision-making and problem-solving off track.
  • You will learn the proper sequence for engaging your team’s diverse thinking and learning styles so team process is not laborious and boring for your get-it-done team members.
  • You will learn a facilitation method that causes team members to release their preconceived notions and ideas so power struggles and potential post event sabotage does not hamper the roll out of your team’s plans. This is especially important if your work takes you into change management, post merger re-organization, system refinement and for correcting high levels of team conflict, disengagement and work culture confusion.
  • You will learn how to deploy these facilitation methods for cohesive team agreements and all the way to action planning so you are trusted to help leaders  facilitate planning outcomes time and time again.
  • You will also learn how to use the TIGERS 360 Team Behavior Survey that measures collective team attitudes about trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success within your team’s dynamic.  This resource helps teams identify — with laser precision — team strengths and areas of improvement so on-target and just-in-time training and team interventions are deployed.  Then two additional comparison surveys help you to assess the effectiveness of your team interventions and training while identifying your team’s next steps for ongoing team development. This survey system also lays the foundation for workforce development planning. If your goal is to develop workforce development plans, this resource will empower your success.
  • On-site training is available for organizations with 5 or more step one licensees.

pam powerphoto“The TIGERS system is an outstanding program to start any team consulting project.  It is not made up of the latest trends, but is built on a solid foundation of research and testing on what qualities have built successful teams.

The TIGERS survey is an excellent way to capture the current culture of the team without people being afraid of how their evaluation could be used against them.   This information can then be used to target the type of work that will best provide improved team function and outcome.

The TIGERS system can be used alongside any personal profiling or platform of individual growth as well as team consensus building or collaboration efforts.  It becomes the solid foundation by which teams can then be strengthened.

I found it to be an excellent addition to my own consulting and a positive way to capture not only additional business, but greater success in what I have already been doing for 15 years.  I would highly recommend it for any company that has been struggling with personnel issues in a team, or any company that has a strong desire to take their teams to the next level.

TIGERS has really developed a program that can build a foundation of excellence for any team in any organization! ”

Pamela Brooks, Cornerstone Consulting, Hartman Institute Board Member, and Licensed TIGERS Facilitator

call for step one traiing

Step Three: Only for people who have completed Steps One and Two

The 2-Day, 6 Principles That Build High Performance Problem Solving Teams Clinic

This clinic addresses issues that new teams face from forming a team charter to rolling out action plans.

Managing business teams becomes difficult when new problems arise and market circumstances change. Forming temporary problem solving teams to resolve complex business problems is one of the best ways to handle these organizational difficulties. However, a high number of new teams fail because goals are unclear, team members are confused about their roles and team relationships become antagonistic.

When this happens team process breaks down and it can happen quickly. The 6 Principles that Build High Performance Problem Solving Teams Leadership Clinic demonstrates best practices in avoiding these organizational development issues altogether. As a result, learn how to incorporate a powerful system with strategies that accelerate positive team and business outcomes.

In this clinic you will learn:

  • How to facilitate clarity in team sponsor roles so teams do not flounder unsupported
  • How to facilitate written norms, charter and planning agreements that team members craft and sign off on so everyone works well together with high levels of accountability
  • How to craft an effective, reliable system that team members support that can be standardized and replicated for future team development. Deploy these methods that lead to success every time you launch a new team or want to improve an existing one
  • You will learn how to ignite strong goal clarity and leverage collaborative behavior that minimizes the time teams spend in conflict.
  • You will also learn the structure and strategies required to facilitate quality role performance and accountability.
  • You will also practice facilitating what you learn in this clinic and achieve valuable confidence building feedback.

Once you pass the clinic exam you will be elevated to both Licensed and Certified by TIGERS Success Series to receive business referrals and subcontracting opportunities from us.


Tony Lacertosa

“Prior to my TIGERS certification, the primary focus of my educational consulting business was training educators in behavior management strategies that improved academic performance while reducing discipline problems throughout the school.

With the addition of my TIGERS certification, and the outstanding training that I received, I am now able to expand my offerings to include collaborative leadership training for teachers and school administrators, strategies for building community support for schools as well as help with developing more cohesive site based teams.  Plus, as an additional bonus, I can also use the training I received to provide support for organizations other than schools that wish to become more successful through healthier group dynamics and team development.

Thank you for providing me with a way to grow my educational consulting business through the ongoing guidance, training and support you have given to me as a TIGERS certified facilitator.”

Tony Lacertosa, Peerless Leadership Development and Licensed and Certified TIGERS Facilitator


Here is what others say about TIGERS Licensing:

Judy Hulbert color“I became a licensed TIGERS Facilitator, because TIGERS includes a full suite of team consulting services that are thoroughly researched, align with my values on the importance of team collaboration, and these powerful team development strategies create lasting, measurable change.

The value and community of like-minded professionals is helping me to build a good business. The one-on-one attention to my unique business is something that sets this program apart from all others in my work history.”

Judith Hurlburt, CEO of Hurlburt Support Services and Licensed TIGERS Facilitator


“TIGERS framework syncs well with transparency across all roles in life, allowing one to proceed smoothly from family to career to community and faith and back again without having to adjust one’s character and integrity in incongruous ways.Cris Mattoon, J.D.

Questions and Answers

Question: What is the enrollment process?

Answer: You receive an application after you have scheduled a business call to determine if this opportunity is good fit. Your investment is required when you submit your application.

During your initial phone call we want to answer your questions about licensing and learn if you are a good fit, too, before sending you the application. After you submit your application, it is reviewed by our licensing and certification board. When you are accepted, you will be sent a link to schedule your course. If for some reason your application is declined, your investment is returned in full.

Question: Do you charge royalties each time I use the TIGERS system with a client?

Answer: No. It is our belief that you need flexibility in your offerings. Also, you are not an agent or employee of TIGERS Success Series when you become licensed. Therefore, we do not believe we should dictate the fees you charge. We will discuss all of this with you in detail during the application process.

Question: Do you require additional fees for participant guides and participant materials?

Answer: No. We produced participant guides in an e-book format for you to brand and print on demand. We don’t need to kill an entire forest and stock expensive warehouses and pass along all the fees associated with that to you.  We are stewards of the environment.

You may purchase additional TIGERS exercise resources, however, if you want to take more than two teams through the exercise and consensus process at a time.  These, along with your initial resources, are designed for you to use repeatedly.

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Question: Do you charge annual licensing fees?

Answer: Yes.  Annual licensing is $300 a year. It is our belief that TIGERS Licensed Practitioners should maintain a high standard of facilitation and training expertise. For this reason, licensing fees cover ongoing education provided through web-based training and conferencing.  We offer this through our licensee website. This site also offers licensees networking opportunities for the development of joint ventures, business referrals, marketing resources, monthly Q & A discussion group topics, thought leadership interviews on topics related to change management, team development and business development.

Question: Who stands to benefit from Licensing and Certification?

Answer: Licensing benefits internal and external consultants, HRD executives, managers, project managers, business coaches, leadership coaches, consultants, educators, and Six Sigma practitioners.

Internal trainers: it is important to note that the TIGERS system enhances cooperation and effective group process while complimenting existing corporate policy, corporate values, structure and other training tools you have already acquired and love to use (Critical Conversations, Personality and Leadership Surveys, Conflict Resolution, Root Cause Problem Solving, Lean Systems and multiple soft skill training).

Question: As a Manager who is interested in starting my own consulting business, what industries could I serve?

Answer: The TIGERS system serves any group of people who want to achieve goals in successful, cooperative and trustworthy ways. Therefore, it has industry-wide application. Some of the groups we have served in the past include:

  • Small to medium sized businesses where scalability and team work is part of the business plan.
  • Post mergers where the desired outcome is a collaborative work culture.
  • Organizations experiencing culture change
  • Organizations desiring improved talent retention and employee engagement
  • Rapidly growing organizations in need of culture clarification before seeking second tier venture funding
  • Companies desiring a way to assess groups of employee candidates for the best possible existing team fit during the interviewing process.
  • Manufacturing,  Engineering, Aerospace and Project Management Teams
  • Community Stakeholder Groups
  • Schools Administrators and Site Councils
  • Government Agencies
  • Nonprofits and Boards of Directors
  • Church, Youth, and Family Group programs
  • Youth Leadership And College Entrepreneur Groups

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Question: How does this work with tools I already own?

Answer: The TIGERS® system is compatible with personality, communication and leadership surveys; problem solving and root cause analysis systems; lean manufacturing programs; customer service and vendor collaboration offerings; partnering programs; stakeholder development alliances; leadership programs; on-boarding programs; and, peace and community development programs.

Question: What sets TIGERS apart from other certification programs?

Answer:  We do not charge a royalty every time you run the program. We also do not expect you to purchase additional, costly participant resources from us.  You have no annual resource quota.

This program is not a single use training program. It has multiple uses and is a consulting, strategic change management, strategic planning and coaching model that builds teams and also reinforces training you already love to use.

Also, TIGERS 30 Team Behavior Survey included 2 independent reviews over a four year period conducted by Gonzaga University and the Washington Education Association.  The Survey compiles the group’s opinion of trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success levels. From the results, laser-focused programs can be developed that take all the guess work out of team development training and interventions. As a result, soft skill training, such as communication training, can be measured against group success indicators. This gives leaders the ability to assess the impact of soft skill training on overall productivity.

  • The system helps your team measure the return on investment and identifies your team’s next growth opportunity.  You can measure and support your next steps in  development and provide the just-in-time resources and training that takes your team to the next level.
  • The TIGERS System short circuits team conflict and relationship misunderstandings so that improved productivity is achieved remarkably fast.

Question: What is the cost of licensing?

We discuss this during your appointment. Licensing is valued  so that an average consultant can recapture the entire investment by working with one or two  clients in a full day team development retreat.   For larger organizations, this licensing is in the ball park with other licensing programs you have already acquired, but you do not continue to pay $150 – $300 per participant every time you use the program.







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The TIGERS Team Wheel presented an excellent focus for us to communicate our conflicting ideas and goals."

Sittrea Friberg
Board President
“I have never seen a team gel faster than when using the TIGERS Team Wheel” –

John Kohls, Dean of Ethics, Retired
Gonzaga University
“As a project management instructor, my students frequently ask advice on how to quickly build a productive project team. I find myself sharing TIGERS techniques I’ve learned from Dianne Crampton.”

Mary McNally, Principal
Project Training Plus