Six values for a successful team culture
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Six values for a successful team culture
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Six values for a successful team culture
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Six values for a successful team culture
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Team and Partnership Coaching

If you are experiencing conflict, procedural confusion, goal frustration, and communication breakdown that newly forming teams generally experience — 0r — you are experiencing this with a member of the leadership team, it doesn’t have to continue that way.

Team and Partnership Coaching

TIGERS team and partnership coaching offers straight forward, practical solutions that take the sting and confusion out of team building.

Since 1989, TIGERS Team and Partnership Coaching has helped motivated leaders and team members learn how to work well together to consistently achieve success. We deploy a combination of team assessments, successful team building training, facilitated team building exercises and coaching, which quickly gets to the root cause of  interpersonal misunderstandings and team conflict. The result is on target goals, better team relationships and clear team roles that transform ho-hum performance into success that employees champion.

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The bottom line is that teams should not function in ways that lead to ineffective performance, conflict with other groups and frustration. With team and partnership coaching teams can improve the way they work internally and with other stakeholders.

What Makes TIGERS Team and Partnership Coaching Different From Other Team Building Programs?

At the heart of improving team effectiveness is the ability
of team members to reflect on what they are doing, in order to create the conditions necessary to achieve their goals. And, teams on their own often find it difficult to openly examine their behavior.

TIGERS Team and Partnership Coaching helps teams
find satisfaction and fulfillment by:

  • Achieving goals;
  • Practicing behaviors that build trust and team resilience;
  • Finding purpose, passion and motivation in work;
  • Harnessing creativity;
  • Establishing respectful relationships;
  • And demonstrating self-discipline on the team and with stakeholders.

Teams become most effective when their process is consistent with their values.
In your commitment to making changes, team and partnership coaching helps your team develop the ability to identify when they have acted inconsistently with the team’s process, behaviors and values. With the illumination that comes from working with our team and partnership coach, they will be able to identify and take the necessary corrections without blame and further team imbalance.

By selecting TIGERS founder, Dianne Crampton, as your team and partnership coach, you have guaranteed a co-creative, confidential and committed working relationship completely invested in your success and realization of your goals.