Take That Time Off

014No matter how much work gets done in a day, there is always more work to do tomorrow. This is important for team members and leaders to remember because at times, team members may feel that they do not have time to take a vacation. But nothing could be further from the truth. Vacations and time off are essential for proper work-life balance. Without time off, team members become less productive, less satisfied with their positions and more likely to burn out.

Before heading out on a vacation, team members may not realize how badly they actually needed some time off. But knowing the importance of vacations and understanding when to check out is important for success and elevates leadership success, too. Here’s how:… Continue reading

Promote Healthier Sleeping Habits with Leadership Team Building

man drinking coffee]The amount of sleep your team members get affects your organization more than you may think. According to Sleep Deprivation is Killing You and Your Career, the side effects of missed sleep include memory loss, increased stress and decreased creativity, among others, which all affect how your team members conduct themselves from day to day. Tackle this problem by promoting healthier sleeping habits through leadership team building activities, workshops and events.

The following articles offer useful tips for better sleeping habits and are referenced in this article:

Promote the following tips for better sleep in leadership team-building activities to reap the… Continue reading

Engage Employees, Decrease Stress and Promote Cooperation with Team Building

Building a successful team blue Employees are important to the success of any organization.  With excess stress, however, disengaged employees and a lack of company-wide cooperation, organizations suffer to succeed. Team building activities with a few key strategies are a great way to turn attitudes around resulting in a culture of cooperation.

Here are a few team building tactics to engage employees with help from the following articles:


Cooperative team building strategies are just one way to engage employees and promote cooperation, but the… Continue reading

How To Identify Toxicity in the Workplace

The challengeA toxic workplace is a working environment with employees who negatively affect other employees’ morale and overall image of the company. Toxic employees typically are not loyal and they set the tone for office relationships. Toxic work environments lead to distracted, less effective and less productive employees, as well as higher turnover rates, lower profits and poor brand image. It costs money to tolerate it. By understanding how to identify toxicity in the workplace, leaders can then implement team building tips and strategies to improve how peopled work together and the work environment.

The first step to improving a toxic environment is to first identify that one exists. Some signs include:

The boss is always right. Leaders need to manage their teams, but when they… Continue reading

Put Motivation in Motion

businessman hand shows 3d success of business as concept

Even with stellar teams, employees need to be motivated by their leaders from time to time. Employee motivation is important because it affects every aspect of the workplace including productivity, happiness, job satisfaction, company culture, teamwork and even the organization’s bottom line. Because employee motivation is important, leaders benefit from taking the time to learn leadership team building strategies that improve employee morale and motivate teams to success.

Leadership team building strategies that motivate employees

The following strategies support leadership team building that motivate employees.

Know the signs of employee burnout. Overworked employees can quickly lead to burned out employees. Once employees feel consistently overworked, their stress recovery plummets which, over time, can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety with dangerous work-life balance… Continue reading

Give Trust to Get Trust In The Workplace

As the T in TIGERS, trust is an essential element for success in the workplace. But leaders are not the only members who require respect; all team members in all levels and positions, customers and consultants all require the respect trust develops to operate best. This is why giving trust to get trust is the key to kicking off greater depth of trust.

While not everyone may deserve respect, leaders need to focus on creating a culture of respect where trust can flourish. With the fundamentals in place, employees will be more productive, customers will return and managers will better lead their teams. Without the respect that trust engenders, the organization will suffer.


For additional ideas on implementing trust within the workplace, reference the… Continue reading

Lead With Leadership Team Building Strategies

ppt3C46.pptm [Autosaved]Effective leadership does not happen overnight, and leaders must learn how to best lead their teams. Some people may seem to have been born with the ability to seamlessly lead, but in reality, leaders should constantly be learning and changing with the industry to best lead. With proper leadership team building tactics and strategies, leaders can learn to lead while embracing changes and becoming more effective in their positions.

Some recent and helpful articles that offer leadership team building tactics are:

With leadership team building tactics, leaders can learn how to effectively lead their… Continue reading

Creating a Cooperative Company Culture

Fotolia photo credit

Fotolia photo credit

While some leaders may view their employees’ happiness as an added bonus, team member happiness is actually essential for creating a cooperative company culture. Happy employees are more cooperative and productive and have fewer team member conflicts. When team members look forward to coming to work, this leads to lower turnover rates and more innovation among team members. Before implementing any changes within the organization, leaders who assess their cultures with strategic group behavior assessments ensure a higher change success rate. TIGERS Success Series offers as 360 Team Behavior survey that HRD Executives are welcome to run on their company’s behalf.  The initial survey comes with two additional comparison surveys so leaders can quickly assess their team culture, add interventions and… Continue reading

Workplace Strategies to Build Trust Among Teams and Leaders

empowermentTeam Building for Trust

As one of the six TIGERS principles for work team success, trust is an essential priority leaders must focus on to build a collaborative and productive team environment. Without  trust, team members will not feel valued resulting in their disengagement, which leads to higher turnover rates and lower productivity for other  employees. And not only will team members be affected, but leaders as well. Leaders who do not trust their employees often micromanage, which perpetuates continuing negativity.  Trust is necessary on all levels in an organization. There are five workplace strategies that build trust among teams and leaders that improve success.

This article offers team building strategies for improving trust within the workplace. I references previous articles in… Continue reading

Create a Culture of Collaboration with Team Building Strategies

two men wrestling with armsHow your employees interact with one another has a huge impact on the cooperation, teamwork and success that teams experience. Poor behavior, bullying and employee infighting lead to a large number of problems, including a decreased quality of work, lower employee morale and slower response times. By implementing proven team building strategies, leaders can create stronger bonds among their employees, which results in greater collaboration and success within the organization as a whole.

For team building strategies, this article references the following resources:

Organizations can create a culture… Continue reading


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